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We can only create futures distinct from the past when we transform the quality of communication and relationships

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Kiu Coates

I have been on a journey of personal growth for over 20 years. Through my practice of nonviolent communication, I experienced how shifting the quality of communication brought new life into my relationships and work teams.


In 2011, I moved to Rio de Janeiro, where I taught yoga and facilitated nonviolent communication practice groups for the general public and within a program in the local Favelas. Organizations began inviting my support, including Oi, one of the largest telecoms in Brazil. I worked with HR to reinvent their performance review process and trained 700 leaders across Brazil to give and receive feedback.


During this journey, I have also worked for many forward-thinking schools and non-profits that wanted the way they worked to more deeply reflect their values. Currently, I am leading the Social Gastronomy Movement's Collective Impact Program, coaching teams from five countries to facilitate cross-sector collaboration toward food security and equity in food systems.

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Significant breakthroughs that bring new life into relationships, teams, organizations, and networks happen when we shift from the usual conversations into genuine dialogue

For Organizations



Supporting people to develop the communication skills needed for genuine dialogue

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Conflict Resolution

Supporting work partners and teams to transform conflicts and relational dynamics that limit well being and effectiveness

Participatory Processes

Designing & Facilitating participatory processes that make strategic decisions more inclusive and therefore, more effective and sustainable.


Facilitation Coaching

Supporting leaders with communication skills, managing group dynamics and facilitating engaging meetings

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For Individuals

Conversa inspiradora

One-on-one Guidance

Supporting individuals to make significant breakthroughs in the quality of their communication and relationships

Casual Meeting

Conflict Resolution

Supporting couples and families to transform conflicts, understand each other better and develop healthier relationships


Let's Chat

If you are interested in support either personally or for your organization, reach out, and let's schedule an exploration call.

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Practices and theories that guide my work

Non-Violent Communication

Asset Based Community Development

Yoga & Meditation

The Work of Peter Block

Art of Hosting

Collective Impact

Reinventing Organizations

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Projects & Partners

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“There is something in the way that you hold space that is magical and I wish more people could hold space like this.  I feel good about us being with you.”

Kaa Faensen, Fraendi

“This session created a safe space for the team to discover more about how they communicate with each other. It helped us to realise, via a number of guided exercises, how to really listen and get to the bottom of a problem. The workshops enabled us as a team to develop skills and be stronger as a unit moving forward.”

Elanore, Comida Para Todos

“He supported our teams to have richer conversations that deepened our collective attunement. They help use conflicts to reveal improvements of human and business processes.”

Tomás de Lara,  ColaborAmerica and Empresa B

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Podcast Episode

A Conversation between me and Peter Pula for the Axiom News Podcast about the importance of doing with, not for. A new approach to social impact.

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Self-Empathy Guided Meditation

We often judge ourselves about things we did or did not do. These harsh thinking patterns around this can deplete our sense of self-worth, cause inner tension and leave us feeling stuck.

This exercise will guide you to listen to these thinking patterns with a quality of empathy that activates inner peace, self-acceptance, and insights that can enable future responses to the same situation that are in greater integrity with what we value.

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Get in touch to book an exploratory chat, or leave me a message about anything else and I’ll get back to you.

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Trilha na natureza

Peter Senge

"Dialogue starts with the willingness to challenge our own thinking, to recognize that any certainty we have is, at best, a hypothesis about the world."

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